Our Commitment: "The Excelence in Services"


We started our activities in 1987, becoming the first company of oil services in Ecuador, proudly holding the title of "Pioneers in the National Oil Services"

1987 .- The company Oryx Oil Gas contract our services for the provision of production equipment and fire prevention system for the Coca-Payamino Camp, services performed in cooperation with our main supplier, Clipper International of Houston.

At the same time Dygoil begins a long relationship with the Korean company LG International Corporation for the purchase of crude oil to Petroecuador.

1988: Petroproduccion: provisioning, monitoring and installation of mechanical, electrical and fire station for the Coca-Paraiso Station

In that year, Dygoil’s officials are hired as consultants to form a team sponsored by UNDP / World Bank that developed the document entitled "Ecuador´s Energy Situation: analysis of current problems, policy guidance for the short, medium term, and impact on the economy in 1988 ".

1989: Begun our steel cable services (Wireline / Slickline), Swab and Provision of Personnel Services, covering 45 fields in the Amazon Region and the industrial complexes at Shushufindi, and of the State Esmeraldas Refinery.

1990: Our first drilling equipment, IDECO-1000 services started drilling in the Santa Elena Peninsula for Tripetrol Company, which drilled 24 wells at depths between 2000 and 7000 feet.

1993: During 4 years we were in charge of the operation and maintenance of the drilling equipment of Petroproducción IH-4000, drilling a total of 48 wells in the Amazon Region

1994: We began Workover in the fields of Petroproduccion.

2008: Petroproducción awards Dygoil, - as a partner of the “Consorcio Petrolero Amazónico” consortium -, operating contracts for Marginal Fields Pucuna and Singue, resulting in a new era where we are now Operators

2011: because of the new Petroleum Policy, all sharing contracts went to the service delivery model, which is why in January 2011 returned Pucuna field and Singue fiel to the hands of Ecuadorian State.